The Team

Presently, Uniplural Group Ltd employs over three hundred employees with specialised departments overseeing all operations.

As a strong believers of Corporate Social Responsibility, our team seeks to participate in events to contribute back to society. On a yearly basis a monetary donation is issued to charitable events and organisations.

We believe that to be successful and retain our customers’ trust, we need to live up to our shared core values, those of professionalism, respect for all, teamwork, a sense of community, leadership, and a safe workplace.

The Uniplural Family

Claire Bellizzi

Head of Academy and Director of Quality Assurance & Standards

Aaron Axiaq

Chairman and Director of Operations & Business Development

Charmaine Montesin

Chief Executive Officer

Odette Bellizzi

Group HR & Payroll Manager

Charmaine Axiaq

Departmental Childcare Manager
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