Our Story

Since our beginning in the healthcare industry, back in 2012, Uniplural Group has significantly expanded into other sectors that also aim to serve the public. 

Today, the Group consists of four growing divisions: Uniplural Care, Uniplural Academy, Uniplural Services, and Uniplural Childcare.

Uniplural Group History

How It Started

Founders and Shareholders Aaron Axiaq and Claire Bellizzi believe that all members of the community should have access to care and services which respect their privacy, dignity, and independence in the comfort of their own environment, thus improving their quality of life.

Uniplural Group Ltd was launched in 2012 as Uniplural Community Care Ltd, with a vision in mind; To be a one-stop-shop offering excellent holistic and professional care services within the health and care market that meet all our clients’ requirements – the best for the communities it serves.

Striving For The Best

Becoming a leading company

Uniplural Community Care Ltd continued to expand its services by launching its first Childcare Centre in 2013 with the aim of providing a healthy and safe environment for children. By the end of 2020, Uniplural Childcare Ltd had opened 4 more Childcare Centres around Malta, making it a total of 6 locations. The centres implement a holistic approach so that children can develop into creative, independent, and responsible adults.

As Uniplural Community Care Ltd grew, so did the scope of the services it offered. In 2017, Uniplural Community Services Ltd was launched providing domestic and commercial cleaning services within the community. In the same year, Uniplural Group Ltd was established along with a re-brand, and the Group started offering a wide range of services to Private Clients, Government-sponsored Clients, Contactors and Governmental Departments, and Establishments. Each service delivered is tailor-made to meet one’s needs, and to cater for the vast majority of clientele.

In 2019, Uniplural Group opened Uniplural Academy to offer training courses to the community, mainly Primary & Secondary Care (First Aid). In 2021, we wanted to provide a more comprehensive program by developing a framework for more than 15 New Training Programmes which are currently underway. As the company continues to evolve, so did our branding with a new look and website launched in 2021.

In 2022, Uniplural Group offices relocated to Imrieħel GPL Business Centre and restructured its upper management. In addition, Uniplural Group launched its sixth childcare centre under Uniplural Childcare in Żebbuġ offering childcare and established two new Uniplural storage stores in Żebbuġ & Żejtun.

Our Vision For The Future

Our Story

As this flourishing company steps into 2024, Uniplural is already considering various ways it may continue growing and refining its range of services. 

Plans are already in place for this year and Uniplural has announced plans to:

  • Reach more clients interested in Uniplural’s childcare services, thanks to a brand-new complex in Imqabba.
  • Expand Uniplural Academy’s course portfolio beyond the healthcare sector.
  • Continue refining and improving the company as a one-stop-shop service provider by tapping into the hospitality sector, including housekeeping, laundry, maintenance, gardening, food and beverage recruitment services, and kids club services.
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