Uniplural Group Embarks on a New Era with Strategic Rebranding

We are excited to announce a pivotal moment in our journey as we unveil our rebranded identity, transitioning seamlessly from Apex Group to Uniplural Group. This transformative step embodies our evolved vision, emphasising unity, and an unwavering commitment to making a positive impact across diverse industries.

Our Evolution, Our Core Values:

With a foundation laid over a decade ago, Uniplural Group has been deeply rooted in values such as care, quality, expertise, and integrity. This rebranding decision stems from our ambition to redefine excellence across sectors and authentically reflect our core ethos.

A Personal Note from Aaron Axiaq, Chairman of the Board:

“As we introduce Uniplural Group, it signifies not just a name change but a profound commitment to shaping a future where unity, innovation, and collective empowerment lead the way. Uniplural Group symbolises our internal cohesion and external alignment with clients and communities. Through collaborative efforts, we amplify our impact, enriching lives, and harmoniously shaping futures.”

Charting a Vision for Tomorrow:

Aligned with our vision for a future brimming with unity, diversity, and innovation, Uniplural Group’s rebranding is encapsulated in the tagline, “Together as One.” This commitment to collective empowerment and shared success reverberates through every facet of our rebranding journey.

Symbolism in the New Logo:

Our vibrant logo, with its U-shaped shield symbolising unity and interlocked circles embodying inclusivity and communities, represents our commitment to reshaping every industry we touch.

The Next Chapter:

As Uniplural Group strides confidently into the future, our mission remains steadfast—to empower lives and shape futures, continuing our leadership journey with care, quality, expertise, and integrity at the forefront.


In presenting our revitalised brand identity, we want to acknowledge the collaborative effort that propelled this transformative journey. Joining forces with the forefront of strategic branding, Steves&Co., we’ve intricately shaped a brand that serves as a unified statement of our identity and purpose.

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