Restructuring the Management Team as Uniplural Group Ltd Continues to Grow

Uniplural Group Ltd has been steadily and consistently expanding since its inception in 2012 and the new year has brought with it prominent changes within the company to support and complement this growth. As we strive to continue improving our operations, the natural step forward was to restructure the roles and hierarchy of the management team and appoint senior leadership positions across the departments.

Aaron Axiaq

Whilst keeping his position as the Director of Operations & Business Development, Mr Axiaq has been appointed the Chairman of the Group, heading the board of directors. Mr Axiaq focuses on strategic matters, overseeing the Group’s business, growth, and governance.

Aaron Axiaq - Apex Group

Stephanie Bonello

Ms Stephanie Bonello has been assigned to the role of Operations Manager, focusing on operations and business development. She is responsible for creating and developing new customer relationships and is the first point of contact for our clients.

Stephanie Bonello - Apex Group

Odette Bellizzi

As the Group HR & Payroll Manager, Ms Odette Bellizzi manages the HR Department and together with her team, keeps all operations relating to our employees running smoothly, including engagement, performance, remuneration, and well-being.

Odette Bellizzi - Apex Group

Jessica Marie Zammit

Ms Jessica Marie Zammit has commenced the position of Support & Services Manager. Jessica is the bridge between clients and employees. Together with the Coordination Team, they seek to deliver quality service to our clients.

Jessica M Zammit - Apex Group

Alicja Cabel

Ms Alicja Cabel has assumed the role of Academic Operations Executive for Uniplural Academy. She is responsible for the Academy, building new material for our healthcare courses, and acting as the point of reference for current and prospective students.

Alicja Cabel - Apex Group

Sue Vassallo

As the Childcare Support Services Manager, Ms Sue Vassallo works hand in hand with the Departmental Childcare Manager. Together, they provide the necessary support to all the Managers working in our Childcare Centres across Malta.

Sue vassallo - Apex Group

Our Commitment at Uniplural Group Ltd

“Uniplural Group Ltd has established itself as a leading company in the provision of healthcare and community services as a result of the hard work that our team has exhibited over the years.

This development will enable us to continue to honour our commitment to ‘Promote, Protect, and Prevent’ – providing our clients with an exceptional service that is entirely tailored towards their needs and requirements.”

Claire Xuereb & Aaron Axiaq, Directors at Uniplural Group Ltd

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