Expanding Our team at Uniplural Group: Q&A with Newly Appointed Chief Projects Officer Charmaine Montesin

CPO at Apex, Charmaine Montesin
“I firmly believe that it is the leader who sets the example and who brings a team together.” Charmaine Montesin

We are excited to welcome Charmaine Montesin on board our dynamic team at Apex. Since first opening our doors in 2012, Apex Group has grown from a modest company of 3 employees to a site of over 300 workers. Now, we are in the process of expanding our workforce even further to meet the demands of our ever-growing company.

As our newly appointed Chief Projects Officer (CPO), Ms. Montesin is tasked with overseeing all of Apex Care’s projects and ensuring that our impeccable standards are maintained and continuously refined. She is also part of the team that manages Apex Academy, where she helps in the Level 5 healthcare course, alongside Ms. Bellizzi, Ms. Cabel and Ms. Noraju. Thanks to her knowledge and experience, Ms. Montesin is perfectly equipped to help identify any further potential in healthcare courses.

Get to know Charmaine Montesin through this exclusive interview!

1. What is your role at Apex?

My role at Apex Group is to evaluate the current caring and nursing services and ensure that quality and standards are upheld and improved. Apex is expanding the services it provides within the care sector and we want to make sure that we continue to offer the very best care for our community.

I am also involved in the management of Apex Academy which is presently giving courses at MQF Level 4 and 5 and more. However, plans are currently underway to increase the influx of students and the courses we have on offer. As CPO, I will also be involved in any future projects the company takes on and will help to set up any systems which will support company growth. 

2. What is something you wish to achieve or are proud of achieving?

I firmly believe in high-quality patient care and professionalism, which is why I have always made sure to keep these qualities in mind, regardless of where I was in my career or which team I was leading. I feel that these key qualities have helped me along the way, including the last project I worked on, where I was tasked with setting up and leading the first retirement village within Malta.

I have already achieved a number of success stories, and I know that my journey with Apex Group will also prove successful as I continue to help Apex offer the optimal level of patient care.

3. How would you describe yourself in 3 words?

  • Humane
  • Firm
  • Fair

4. What skills do you possess as a CPO?

I have a wide range of experience within various sectors in the health industry, including tertiary health and the acute care setting where I have held high managerial positions. This has granted me invaluable experience, within both the public and the private sector, and enabled me to work at all levels in a given organisation with diverse professionals.

I have worked with start-ups where I was tasked with the setting up of services, as well as led teams to an end goal. Thanks to my wide-ranging experience and training, I believe that I am well prepared to perform in this role.

5. What does a good team culture look like to you?

A good team culture is where every person within the team knows what they are working towards and there is a clear line of reporting. There should be harmony within the team where people work together and assist each other where need be. There needs to be a sense of well-being and a sense of solidarity between one another. If a team is fragmented or if workers indulge in egocentric behaviour, then turf wars will start, and the team will be destroyed.

I firmly believe that it is the leader who sets the example and who brings a team together. Communication through all levels is key and it should be clear and timely. Yet, there should be space for feedback and constructive criticism so that the team is given the space to learn and grow.

6. How do you motivate people to go the extra mile?

I strongly believe that the workers are the ones who have the ability to make a company a success. A manager or a leader cannot function on their own. They need to make time for their worker and foster a healthy environment where they can grow and reach their potential. Employees will go far if they feel that they are trusted and empowered. Speaking from my own experience, employees have always been willing to go the extra mile because I supported them when they needed it.

A good manager cannot bar his doors and work solely in a closed office. No, they have to work amongst their colleagues and lead by example. They have to be humane yet disciplined. All this, I believe, gives workers the motivation to go the extra mile.

7. As a CPO, how do you train employees to help them be as successful as possible?

I greatly believe in involving your employees and delegating without worrying about future redundancy. On-the-job mentoring is crucial as, in truth, no worker is ever indispensable and hoarding one’s knowledge for fear of being replaced is simply bad practice.

Unfortunately, in Malta, we often exhibit that small island mentality that views mentoring or coaching as a dangerous road that results in younger workers taking your place. At the end of the day, if they are better at your job …then so be it! But if you genuinely believe in your own potential, then you should not fear passing your knowledge on to others. Sharing of knowledge can only assist in making you, and the company you work for, better. Ultimately, their success is your success.

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