An End of Summer Party to Remember for the Uniplural Team

On the 7th of September 2022, Uniplural Group held an end-of-summer party for our Administration and Management staff.

It is particularly exciting when perseverance is rewarded with a well-deserving party and this kind of job satisfaction is exactly what you can anticipate from working with Uniplural .

At Uniplural, we have always prioritised our employees’ well-being, and we fully believe that they are the foundation of our entire organisation. Throughout our journey, we have always sought ways to foster a positive work environment by organising different social events for our employees, including Employee Recognition Awards, team buildings, and more.

This year’s party was Hawaiian-themed. The venue was beautifully decked out with colourful trees, flowers, flamingo, pineapples, leis and much more, along with a Hawaiian-themed dress code and food.  

We played different games to develop our teamwork and of course, to have fun! We believe that team building has an important role to play as it strengthens relationships between members of an organisation which also has a positive effect on day-to-day operations.

We are grateful for our employees’ hard work and loyalty to Uniplural and we look forward to more celebrations with our wonderful team.

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